Romex advantages - We have you covered!

You’ll Enjoy Scheduling Flexibility

You will be able to add or subtract hours and manpower to best suit your changing security needs and specific situations. And should a security crisis arise and require additional personnel, Romex Security will be ready to accommodate these needs at moments notice!

You'll Save Money

Because you will have live, properly-trained and well-screened security guards, your insurance company may reduce the premiums you pay for insuring your business. And all of Romex’s Security guards’ employment requirements such as vacation pay, Canadian Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance Board and health premiums – are paid for by us.

You Will Not be Disturbed with Personnel Issues

Our management teams will handle any personnel problems quickly and painlessly. All security guard uniforms and training will be the responsibility of Romex Security Inc.

Agent Solutions Consulting Services

We provide security guard services on a short-term, long-term, and on-call basis.
We can deploy guards on short notice to premises that currently have in-house security guards but may require additional staff due to extra requirements, illness, etc.

Your one source to all your security needs

Established in 1998 Romex Security Inc. has been the professional choice in various types of Industries. Our philosophy is based on great customer service and strong, effective communication skills.

Our belief is quality over quantity.  Our product is professional security guards.  We offer in class and online training. Our professional management team and our guard tour software system guarantees you have an active security guard doing patrols and reports while securing your premise.

We offer services all Southern Ontario with offices in Mississauga, Hamilton and Brantford. We have emergency services 24 hour live dispatcher to assist you at 1-888-271-9331.


Providing both casual and permanent security solutions for all our clients needs.

  • Long-term Security
  • Short-term Security
  • On-call Security