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Industrial / Commercial

Access Controls, guard patrols and asset protection.
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Romex is proud to provide on site security for the emerging legal cannabis production industry.
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Special Events

Street Festivals, Music Concerts & Sporting Events.
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Hotels / Motels

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Fire Watch / Insurance Claims

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Construction Sites

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Bar / Night Club / Entertainment

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Mobile Patrol / Alarm Response

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Condominium / Concierge

Agent Solutions Consulting Services

We provide security guard services on a short-term, long-term, and on-call basis.
We provide guards on short notice to premises that currently have in-house security guards but may require additional staff due to extra requirements, illness, etc.


At Romex Security, we ensure clients’ safety by offering exemplary Security Officer Training. Please contact us to inquire further about our security training programs.

Security Agent Training

Because top-notch training is very expensive, many security companies cut back in this area, leaving both their clients and their security officers in jeopardy. Those who try to get by using video surveillance alone, or by offering little or no training to their officers, are rolling dice and hoping for the best.

Not at Romex!

When our officers leave our training course, they are confident, well-rehearsed, and capable of handling every one of the most common security threats.


Do you know what is expected of your Security Solutions company? Or what is expected of you?

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